It’s 2018, you only need to walk through your local supermarket to see how popular protein snacks are becoming. Long gone were the days where protein supplements were perceived as being just for body builders. Seeking additional protein in your diet has become a mainstream choice, and with that comes people wanting yummy snacks rather than boring powders.

Part of our role here at Opalbond is to continually seek new and exciting products out. We have scoured exhibitions and finally found some protein wafers that meet the standards we look for in the products that we offer to our brands. High in protein, low in sugar and even coated in chocolate. These protein wafers are exceptional. Despite being up to 32% protein per wafer, the layer of cream filling stops the wafer having the dry, powdery texture that you would expect to accompany the increased protein level. No need to worry about sugar – these bars contain as low as 0.24g per serving.

Protein wafers are a huge untapped market in the UK, and have great potential. Several flavours are available; cookies and cream, triple chocolate, vanilla. We also can offer gluten free wafer products to suit more specific customer requirements.

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